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In an effort to provide a full range of VR products we have a number of the latest VR & 360 Cameras available to meet your budget & specific filming requirements.  Our current camera range now includes the Ricoh Theta S, Samsung Gear 360, Vuze & Instra 360 Pro.

Available alongside this equipment is the video editing software, which provides a very intuitive & easy to use software to help you shoot, stitch and render a 360 video to your exact requirements.

We also have knowledgeable and friendly staff available to provide any technical assistance should you require it.  We can also go one step further & can work alongside your team to provide onsite training & handover. Or we could even capture the whole footage for you instead, in a bid to make this experience as easy & stress free as possible.

Ricoh Theta S


Provides great 360-degree videos at full frame rate and its easy to upload to Facebook & YouTube.

It low hire cost makes this the ideal choice for those on a budget. 

It does require a smartphone app for some of its functionality.






Samsung 360


The highly portable device can record quality 360-degree videos. 

It comes with a MicroSD card allowing for more footage capture. 

Its functional design makes it an ideally choice for quickly capturing images and videos with a minimum of hassle.




Vuze 3D 360 VR Camera


Using 8 cameras, the Vuze can capture & record 360 footage in 4K.  Its compact design & functionality creates a very easy to use device. 

The editing software supplied with this unit allows for footage to be captured & quickly rendered in all of its VR glory. We supply this unit with a Samsung Phone, Gear VR & stand.


Insta 360 Pro


Our most sophisticated camera allows for 360 3D imagery capture & 8K ultra. 

It also has purpose built real time stitching & auto image stabilisation functionality. 

Ideal for live streaming in immersive 3D 360. 

This device is also home to four built in microphones for 360 audio capture too.






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