COVID 19: Currently, we are not operating equipment rentals but continue to produce AR/VR content in our studios. This will be reviewed in March 2021

VR Event Hire

In addition to hardware hires, we can also provide brand ambassadors and technicians to set up, supervise and demonstrate the equipment for the start or entire duration of your event.

Looking for something totally unique for your next event?

Introducing EEVR, our enhanced environment virtual reality system that combines a range of industry leading and custom manufactured technologies to create bespoke experiential VR for event and exhibition usage.

Experiences built to utilise the system include:

  • EEVR Motion Chairs
  • High refresh rate visuals (played through Oculus Rift headset)
  • VRagrance (software controlled scent unit)
  • Reactive spatial audio
  • Leap Motion hand interactivity
  • EEG feedback (for mind influenced experiences)

Our custom built motion chairs use suggestive motion algorithms to counteract the effects of environment based motion sickness. They also come in a range of colours to suit every scenario.

Give us a call to discuss using EEVR for your next event.



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